It fits sooo well, its soft and silky and great to sleep in! It hangs a little above mid thigh so its just the right amount of sexy! Highly recommend! The pattern is super pretty too!

This chemise satin silk nightgown is a popular & classical night dress & luxurious sleepwear for women

Featuring a simple mini full slip with v plunge front, adjustable shoulder straps and hemline


Womens Satin Nightgown | Silky Satin Negligee | Satin Silk Nightshirt

Original price was: ₱3,000.Current price is: ₱2,000.


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The spaghetti adjustable strap and pure satin fabric gives you comfortable and relaxing feeling when wearing.

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Original price was: ₱3,000.Current price is: ₱2,000.

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The satin nightie is made of 95% Polyester and 5% Acrylic, Little Stretch touch like the silky-smooth, very softly and comfy , never fade, make you worry-free

Women Full slip Sleepwear

featuring simple mini full slips with v plunge front, adjustable shoulder straps and hemline A-line silhouette hits at mid-thigh, short nightwear makes you more sexy and charming

A-line style

A-line style and mini length sleepwear, satin lingerie, strap nightwear is good for slips for under dresses, perfect for taking art-photograph and weeding ceremony, great for lingerie party and suitable for homewear


This satin lingerie is perfect for usual outfit, home nightwear, underdress slip, Valentine’s Day, date nights, wedding nights, honeymoon nights, role play and lingerie party any place you like. Also a wonderful gift for yourself or friends as sleepwear, nightwear, loungewear
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What makes a Women's Satin Nightgown a comfortable choice for sleepwear?
A Women’s Satin Nightgown is exceptionally comfortable due to its silky-smooth texture and breathable nature. It drapes elegantly and feels gentle against the skin, providing a cozy and luxurious sleep experience.
Can a Silky Satin Negligee be worn as loungewear at home?
Absolutely! A Silky Satin Negligee, also known as Women’s Satin Nightgown or Satin Silk Nightshirt, can double as elegant loungewear. Its stylish design allows you to relax comfortably while maintaining a touch of glamour.
How does wearing a Satin Silk Nightshirt contribute to a good night's sleep?
Wearing a Satin Silk Nightshirt, whether labeled as a Women’s Satin Nightgown or Silky Satin Negligee, contributes to a good night’s sleep by providing a comfortable and lightweight sleepwear option. The smooth satin fabric reduces friction and promotes relaxation.
Can Women's Satin Nightgowns be worn year-round?
Yes, Women’s Satin Nightgowns are versatile and suitable for year-round wear. They keep you cool in the summer and provide a touch of warmth in cooler seasons, making them a reliable choice for all seasons.
Do Silky Satin Negligees come in various colors and styles?
Yes, Silky Satin Negligees, also known as Women’s Satin Nightgowns or Satin Silk Nightshirts, are available in a wide range of colors and styles. You can choose from classic solid colors, prints, and different necklines to match your personal style.
How should I care for my Satin Silk Nightshirt to maintain its quality?
To maintain the quality of your Satin Silk Nightshirt, whether it’s labeled as a Women’s Satin Nightgown or Silky Satin Negligee, it’s recommended to hand wash it with a mild detergent or use a gentle machine cycle. Avoid using harsh detergents or bleach to preserve its softness.
Can wearing a Women's Satin Nightgown provide a touch of elegance to bedtime routines?
Absolutely! Wearing a Women’s Satin Nightgown, interchangeably referred to as Silky Satin Negligee or Satin Silk Nightshirt, adds an element of elegance and sophistication to bedtime routines, making you feel glamorous and comfortable.
What sizes are available for Silky Satin Negligees?
Silky Satin Negligees, whether known as Women’s Satin Nightgowns or Satin Silk Nightshirts, typically come in a range of sizes to accommodate different body types. Be sure to check the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer to find the perfect fit.
Can a Satin Silk Nightshirt be a thoughtful gift choice for special occasions?
Absolutely! A Satin Silk Nightshirt, also known as a Women’s Satin Nightgown or Silky Satin Negligee, makes for a thoughtful and elegant gift choice for special occasions or as a romantic gesture.
Can investing in a Women's Satin Nightgown improve my bedtime comfort and sleep quality?
Yes, investing in a Women’s Satin Nightgown can significantly improve your bedtime comfort and sleep quality. The silky-smooth fabric reduces skin irritation and promotes relaxation, leading to a more restful night’s sleep.


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